Domain-driven design workshop at KanDDDinsky in Berlin on October 3rd 2023


Mufrid Krilic

Very excited to have an opportunity to facilitate full-day pre-conference workshop at KanDDDinsky in Berlin on October 3rd: "From Business Goals to Software Requirements - with Impact Mapping and Domain Storytelling", check it out at:

Navigating a path from business goals to software requirements in virtually any organization is a non-trivial task, and in this workshop you will learn how to achieve this using a powerful combo of Impact Mapping and Domain Storytelling techniques! This tangible way for tech and business people to do collaborative domain modelling, will help you establish common ground for prioritization and project steering, as well as providing strong hints for software model implementation.

This workshop is for anyone involved in software product development: product owners, business analysts, architects, tech leads, developers, testers, designers as well as product and technology leadership. No prior knowledge required except your own experience!

CoWork AS has developed the workshop in a close collaboration with one of the authors of the book on Domain Storytelling, Stefan Hofer from WPS - Workplace Solutions GmbH, bringing you vast experience and knowledge from different areas of business, product and software development.

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