Arc XP consulting

CoWork is a trusted Silver partner of Arc XP in the european markets and has successfully implemented the Arc XP cloud-based DXP for media companies in Norway and Sweden, including renowned publications such as Dagsavisen, Vårt Land, Morgenbladet, Klar Tale, and

As a Silver partner for Arc XP (a division of The Washington Post), CoWork brings expertise and a proven track record to support media companies in achieving their digital transformation goals.

CoWork is a highly experienced consulting company that specializes in Agile digital transformation, with a strong track record in helping media organizations navigate their digital journeys.

CoWork excels in providing comprehensive solutions that enable companies to create and distribute content, drive digital commerce, and deliver powerful multichannel experiences.

Their expertise extends beyond the implementation of Arc XP , as they have also played a vital role in migrating publishing solutions from CMS systems like Atex Polopoly to Arc Publishing , building new customer journeys and payment processes integrated with Mediaconnect, as well as partnering with payment solution providers such as Vipps, Klarna and payex.

CoWork's range of services include concept development, analysis, strategy formulation, planning, architecture design, feature development, integrations, training,  DevOps development and operations in Kubernetes clusters.

They have seamlessly coordinated their efforts with other suppliers, including an accomplished development team from Cefalo in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and vendors in Germany and the US.  Their commitment to quality and their comprehensive approach to digital transformation have earned them recognition and praise.

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